VW Elevating Roofs

Adding functional and stylish elevating roofs to the ubiquitous VW Camper Van

  • Year2019
  • Length1 Month
  • WorksBrand, Website

Tools we used

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • WordPress
  • JavaScript
  • PHP

The Client

VW Elevating Roofs very much do what it says on the tin – they add elevating roofs to VW Camper Vans to create more space, storage and even sleeping accommodation. Whilst they were well renowned nationwide for the quality of their workmanship and products, their brand and website didn’t reflect this same level of quality.

What We Did

We started by reimagining the basis of the brand. VW Elevating Roofs weren’t selling a practical product, they were selling the adventures that their product would make possible. With that in mind, we started by rebranding to a logo that harnessed the ‘tent’ shape, and included silhouetted forestry and a night sky, as a very literal representation of the product.

We then created a website that was based largely around aspirational imagery, showing the adventures that an elevating roof would enable. The website included simple, clean navigation with plenty of calls to action, along with a protected area for resellers to access preferential pricing and documents.

Implementation & Completion

The new website has load speeds that are significantly quicker than it’s predecessor, whilst including a huge number of new features. The site is clean, informative and easy to navigate.


We have continued to work with VW Elevating Roofs to enhance their social media presence, and create a managed MailChimp mailing list, with high levels of automation.

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